Essay On Permissive Parenting

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Among the various jobs that anyone can choose from , parenting shall always be the hardest yet the most important . Once you are in you must be up to responsibility. From Diana Baumrind 's point of view , a clinical and developmental psychologist researcher , parenting is subdivided to three styles Authoritarian (Too Hard) , Authoritative (Just Right) and Permissive (Too Soft) . However ,we can 't generalize those definitions as this classification doesn 't necessarily fit all cases, as everything has pros and cons . By shedding the light on permissive parenting, it can be clearly noticed that there are various ways to measure permissiveness and this variation leads to different outcomes. Permissive parents do not introduce themselves as…show more content…
In the absence of supervision which is the case for most permissive parents ,children 's health could be in danger. Though the evolution of technology is the remarkable development of this century , nevertheless it forms a serious threat to children of permissive parents whom have no restrictions on anything. Thus, pushed by curiosity and having no experience they can be easily deceived by online drug dealers .A study conducted in America on children ranging between 8-14 pointed out that the reason for juvenile delinquency is working parents , pretty much like permissive parents whom have no time for their kids but just confirm to all their requests, it also shows that "25%" drank alcoholic beverages, more than "18%" smoked cigarettes and "13%" smoked cannabis . Another outcome that stems from absence of supervision is excessive television usage which is also related to permissiveness , according to a recent British study applied on children aging between 10 - 11 years old , kids of this style of parenting have five times the risk to watch television for more than four hours per day which will not only affect their eyes but also their mentality being subjected all the time to fiction and fantasy programs making it hard to interact in the real world . In normal cases , parents prevent eating junk food regularly but in permissiveness case they are allowed to do whatever they want as long as it will cheer them up , that is why high childhood BMIs and obesity are spotted in this style of
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