Essay On Persian Culture

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We as social beings have the need to feel secure in the environment we live in . We want to feel a sense of belongingness to a certain group to fulfill our need of security and to gain our own identity. Ethnicity gives us the identity of who we are and where we come from and it helps an individual to be recognized in a certain way. The Persians can be viewed as an example to learn how they stay united as one ethnic culture . Persia was one of the world's largest and the richest empires which successfully contributed to modern civilization. They were a civilization who gave priority to treating everyone with equal respect. The Persians produced some of the best scholars in the world who have successfully contributed to fields such as astronomy, medicine, mathematics, literature and philosophy. Throughout the millenniums of invasions and conquests; Persians have known to have been tough enough to live through it and repel the invaders. Persia , modern day includes Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel and some parts of Egypt and India. In this Paper I will be focusing mainly on Persia's historical aspect, their Religion, language and the culture.…show more content…
This led to formation of a unique culture, which they created by taking in elements of other cultures and blending them into theirs. With the division of provinces they were able to carry this out successfully. Even though they were the conquerors they were recognized to be carrying out peaceful trading which led to economic prosperity within the nation. They held truth in high esteem; telling a lie was a most disgraceful thing that a person could do. Good thoughts and deeds mattered the most in the empire. The women in the empire were given high position and honor. They enjoyed the social and legal freedom and were always treated with high
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