Essay On Persian Women

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While the role and treatment of women in China and Persia were alike in that they were inferior to the men because of the patriarchal societies at the time. They differed in that woman in Persia had a greater role in government while women in China were overshadowed by the men in all aspects of society due to Confucius beliefs and filial piety.

Unlike the male-dominated societies during this time, Persian women were viewed as important assets in Persian society and were given equality in almost all aspects of life, such as the military, business, religion, ruling and marriage. However, men held higher positions than women. In this current patriarchal world, women were expected to marry and have children, but in Persia, woman did not have
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The women could not choose their spouse like the Persian, instead their father would arrange a marriage for them and the mother had no say in it. The women were to be submissive to the males which follows filial piety that a women should obey her husband. Unlike Persia, it was very uncommon and difficult for a woman to divorce her husband while the husband was able for a number of reasons. With the exception that if the husband died, a widow could choose to remarry and to whom. Furthermore, women were expected to give birth, especially sons, who would be able to carry on the family name. Chinese women's main job was to be good wives and mothers. They were to do household work such as cooking, sewing and helping with farming. However, if a woman was to be widowed, she would be able to get a job like weaving or selling items in a market to support her family. Women were always seen as inferior in society. With the exception of the women in the imperial family, especially the empress, who was allowed to give orders to anyone including males. While women were viewed as inferior beings to men throughout their life, Chinese women influenced society by bearing children to make them become strong, respectful Chinese
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