Personal Health Record Analysis

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Personal Health Records
There is no stopping technology. It has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Information is more accessible and there is a market to satisfy our need to be informed. The population is considerably more educated and feel empowered enough to voice their opinion concerning their own health. With this growing awareness, it is understandable that the government and health care organization would be on board to implement a digital system to allow patients access to their own information. The Personal Health Record is a digital program that consist of the demographic data, medical history, medications, physical and diagnostic exams of the member. The information generated by different providers can be consolidated and
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This information might be entered via an internet program or patients may have a device, such as a USB, to save the data. Other entities might have access to the PHR to upload data and communicate other pertinent information with the client. However, the access is limited and is not shared within a connected network. The patient can there forth keep this information for their own personal use or share it with their health care provider. Two of the internet services that uses Untethered PHR are Google Health and Health vault (Hebda 2013, p.329)
Personal Health Care record is beneficial in many ways. In most cases consumers utilizes various doctors and specialist throughout their life time. They generally forget dates and times they received services, what procedures were performed and the outcomes of the various procedures. Most people typically forget what occurred the day before, never mind what occurred years prior. This is the benefit of having a Personal Health Record. It can follow the consumer throughout their life time and allow the continues communication between
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There is nowhere to store and track this data until now. The Personal Health Record is a digital program that contains all our medical information. This data can be access and utilized by various providers. The providers can communicate test results, make referrals, generate e-scripts, update appointments, all while the patient is updated of the occurrences with their own health. The PHR has some concerns regarding the amount of time devoted to the system by health care providers that are not paid and the constant apprehension of having personal information taken for maleficent use, however, the benefits of having exams read on time, diseases trends followed, and diagnosis completed before conditions worsens for outweighs the
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