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Personal Health Records Can Save Lives, and That Life Could Be Yours Too!
We know what you are thinking after reading the title! Still wondering what Personal Health Record is? Well, if you’re a person who has trouble keeping your health records in a proper way, then this is the information you shouldn’t miss. You will be amazed how technology has made it easier for patients to maintain their own health record so they can recieve better quality healthcare services.
What is personal health record?
A personal health record (PHR) allows you to securely collect store, manage and share your own and your family's health records - whenever you want, where you want, and with whom you prefer. The correct definition of a PHR is still evolving, but PHR
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Now I can access my medical records from anywhere, anytime via web-based gadgets and share the selected information with their concerned physician. This was a key step to managing my medical information and ensuring that in case of a medical emergency I am able to give all of the needed health information to those healthcare personnel treating me.”
“I’ve now been living with Lupus for more than half of my life and am never been healthier than I ever was. While I may suffer from pain and still have certain physical impediments, I view myself to be very lucky realizing that I could be in a more weakened state, not able to work or even walk. I can validate the fact that Personal Health Records can enhance health results and save lives.” She concludes.
So, you can see now how a personal health record could be the difference between life and death. Your doctor will not get the whole picture of your health condition due to lack of your past medical records. With a complete PHR, your doctor can simply review it and understand everything they need to know quickly about extensive questions or calling your former doctor for answers. This also eliminates the risk of wrong treatment and medication.
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