Essay On Personal Identity

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Perception of Personal Identity During the old days, people’s identity were often based and assigned to them by the dominant group or culture, highly based on their conceptualization of people who looked the same color wise. Hegemonic culture has dominated identity debate by putting the distinct boundaries between cultural and racial groups and by separating and defining them to their convenience. However in the 21st century individuals are taking the power of how to identify themselves. In the past couple of decades, the Western Culture has seen a radical transformation in the process of Identification. Technology has become very crucial to popular culture and more; it has had a huge impact and influence on the way individuals create…show more content…
It’s very important to teach and be around people who promote us to understand our identity and know who we are. The importance of personal identity awareness is very important to own personal identity and those around us. I believe that perception of personal Identity is very important. Knowing who we are and accepting ourselves and other individuals I believe can help us all become better people in and live the best life we can live. Being aware of our-selves and our surroundings and community can leads to have positive experiences in society. If people were unaware of their perception of personal identity I think individuals and societies would function very differently than now and can be impacted negatively. I really want to try to do my research paper on the Perception of Personal Identity; I think its something many of us struggle with, I often struggle with what and who to call my self and how to define my self and researching this topic might help me understand who I am. The topic of personal identity is something that is vital to our society, knowing who are and being aware of who we are might help us be less ignorant around individuals who are
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