Essay On Personal Knowledge And Shared Knowledge

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Knowledge, both shared and personal, gives us a source of familiarity, individuality and meaning in our lives. Firstly, it is important to make a clear distinction between ‘shared knowledge’ and ‘personal knowledge’. Shared knowledge is the result of the combined information and understanding of many individuals. On the other hand, personal knowledge can be defined as the subjective knowledge of a particular individual, based on personal experiences and perspective. In this sense, it seems that shared knowledge has the capacity to shape personal knowledge to an extent. Therefore, can personal knowledge shape shared knowledge as well? The word shape does not mean to ultimately create personal knowledge, but rather to be able to influence it in certain ways. Personal knowledge can also be influenced by an individual’s emotions and intuition. Hence, to what extent is personal knowledge more based on emotion and intuition than shared knowledge in the areas of the human sciences and natural sciences? An individual’s social environment is capable of influencing their behaviors and beliefs through emotion. Conformity can be defined as a kind of social influence that causes a change in behavior…show more content…
Sometimes, we accept shared knowledge as a result of our emotions – our fear of being ridiculed or separate from the group. On the other hand, sometimes we can be so set in our beliefs that we will not accept any information we receive that may contradict these beliefs. Shared knowledge is sometimes blindly followed, such as in the natural sciences; however, sometimes this shared knowledge can also be transformed due to the intuition and personal knowledge of an individual or a group of individuals over time. This creates a bidirectional relationship between shared and personal knowledge, personal knowledge being significantly more based on emotion and intuition than shared
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