Essay On Personal Narrative: A Career As A Soccer Player

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Before anyone ever cared where I would play soccer, I was a 16 year old kid from Burnaby hoping to make it big. I have had the opportunity to have been coached by people who have been able to play soccer professionally. Many people have scrutinized me as a hardworking kid with ambitions to be the best, while others have viewed me as an individual who would never make it to the top due to the lack of talent I had. I was cut from teams, looked down upon, and I almost gave up. After making it up to the BCSPL division, I was part of a team which had many provincial players and ex-whitecaps. I knew that no matter what happened, scouts would not notice me. There were too many talented athletes playing around me that I would just be another addition to the team. I wanted to be the best. I needed a change. On December 13, 2014, I left the defending provincial champions for a team which had not won a game in two years. I was on a mission.…show more content…
They had previously been a very good club but ended up falling way below the standings after losing players to the Whitecaps Residency. My goal by the end of 2017 was to receive a college scholarship and be able to play post-secondary soccer. Though that goal seemed unattainable to achieve based on how bad the team was, I knew I had to put a lot more effort during trainings to enact my goal. Scouts commonly looked at teams at the top of the standings, but I had to somehow get noticed by them. The team was talented, but it lacked a proper coach. He didn’t know who to play, what formation to use, and he seemed to not like me. I felt like I did not fit in well with the team from the start, the kids were just very different from me, and I never really enjoyed the process. The environment I was playing in just didn’t feel
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