Personal Reflection Essay For High School

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Personal Reflection By the time i'm 30 years old I aspire to have a family, a wife, a nice home and a respectable career that I can support my family with, here is my plan to achieve those goals. When I graduate Hidden Valley High School this June I'm going to start packing my bags and I plan to be moved up to Bend, Oregon by early August. I will be living with my generous grandparents who are allowing me to live in their home for free, but of course i'll help out with bills here and there and pay for groceries every now and again. Ill be moved into my grandparents house early August so that will give me enough time to find a stable job to help me out with my electrical apprenticeship and hopes of finding an apartment for a later time. Once i'm enrolled in Central Oregon Community College (COCC) I will begin my 4 year apprenticeship program starting in September. COCC is only a two year college so two years of my apprenticeship will be spent learning the skills needed to get my job done correctly and efficiently, and the next two will…show more content…
Teamwork i would say has been my top skill throughout high school. I have ran track since 6th grade and now i'm taking on my seventh year as a senior. I ran cross country for two years, while it was a small team it was one that i really connected with and felt like a family. This year has also been my first year on the swim team and I am also the captain of the team as well. Even during this summer I worked at Mountain View Landscaping, i worked under the head of landscaping for 3 months just me and him doing six plus jobs a day, that really taught me a lot about teamwork because we eventually got a system down for max efficiency, so I found that to be a very rewarding
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