A Career In Personal Training

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Personal trainers are needed in gyms all over the nation. Personal training is a very broad field of work with many ways to make a career out of it. Trainors help people get into shape in various ways and help clients get to their desired goals. They can also host different types of training, like training camps, group sessions, or just simple one on one training. With only a few months of studying, almost anybody could become qualified for the job. The pay ranges, depending on a few variables, and the hours can sometimes be irregular. Although the money may not always be the best, the advancement of this job field and flexible hours could make it worth it. There are some important skills and aptitudes that are important to be successful…show more content…
The average day for a personal trainer consists of a few basic things, like making sure they have clients for the day, contacting those clients about their appointments, and training them (Ewert 1-2). Although that seems like a simple day, there is more details that goes into it. A trainer first needs to know what there clients goals are. The trainer will then have to create different routines depending on what certain clients are looking for and what there experience level is. Some trainers will even go over nutrition with their trainees if needed. The trainer will have to give examples of some of the exercises performed. Along with showing the how the exercise works, they may have to demonstrate how to use certain machines and equipment. While the client is performing the exercises the trainer will watch to make sure the exercise is being done right and critique any problems with form to prevent injury. Throughout this whole process, the trainer will watch and help the trainee track his or her progress, making sure they are on track to meet their goals. Once the trainee has met the goal, they will probably stop training with the trainer and move on to working out on their own, taking any learned information with them (“Fitness Trainers”…show more content…
More schools around the country are offering fitness training degrees (“What Is” 1). With more and more overweight people in the country, people are starting to look to physical fitness. Job opportunities for trainers is predicted to rise ten percent between 2016 and 2026. More and more people are starting to see the benefits of exercise. Business owners are starting to encourage employees to exercise, foreshadowing a rise in demand of personal trainers. Yoga and pilates is also being prescribed more to the elderly for less intense routines to relieve arthritis and other conditions (“Fitness Trainers” 6). “Fitness industry continually evolves as new products and fitness trends take shape” (“Personal Training” 2). Louisiana's average job growth in this field is an awesome 18.83 percent. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics Predicts 23,000 job opportunities between 2014 and 2024. This progression has a high chance of opening new jobs. So many jobs, in fact, that there is eighty new job openings every year! The pay for being a personal trainer may not always be the most desirable, and a trainer may work some not so favorable hours sometimes. But, the job opportunity and uplifting work environment make it an even trade. Somebody with interest in the physical and mental aspect of training may see personal training as a very desirable job. With minimum education needed and some experience, somebody with
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