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There is a wide variety of tests that are available online for an individual to take in order to determine their personality type. After answering a series of questions from the 16 Personalities Quiz, I discovered that I possessed the personality of a protagonist. Although I attempted to answer the questions honestly to the best of my ability, I had to pause and think awhile before answering several of the questions. I do agree that the personality traits of a protagonist are accurate compared to me. After answering the questions that would supposedly determine an individual’s personality from a range of sixteen personalities, I identified as a protagonist, along with two percent of the population. A protagonist is claimed to be a natural…show more content…
Although I do agree with investing my emotions wholly into a relationship, I do not agree with seeking commitment from my partner. I prefer to not plan ahead in relationships as I do not want to get my hopes up. In an effort to prove their trustworthiness, protagonists exert plenty of the time and effort into the relationship. Holding conversations regarding feelings is quite important for a protagonist in order to determine the status of their relationship. However, by doing so redundantly, it would cause them to appear needy and overbearing. I do attempt to give the relationship my all and I tend to ask about feelings in order to determine the status of the relationship. Protagonists truly have their partner’s best interest at heart, as long as their partner is happy then they are happy. They want their partner to display their happiness through tons of affection. If a relationship were to fail, then they would feel resentment and betrayal seeing as though their efforts were wasted. I am able to relate with these claims as well. I want my partner to be happy and if a relationship were to fail, I would feel as though all of my efforts were wasted. The traits a protagonist exhibit in a romantic relationship are not the only traits I am able to relate to, but those in different types of relationships as
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