Child Adoption Persuasive Speech

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Attention Material: Think back to a good memory of when you were younger. Do you have it? Most of you probably had your memory involve family such as your parents. That was not a challenging task right? People who would struggle to recall a good memory would be someone who grew up in foster care. Considering they were not adopted their memory would not involve any parents like most of yours did. Credibility /Connection Material (mythos/ethos): Again I want you to think about your childhood. Only this time I want you to imagine where you grew up. I bet most of you thought of the home and the town you lived in. Foster kids either started out in a home and moved here or have lived in one for their whole life. Preview: I would like to persuade you to consider adopting an older child by telling you how kids…show more content…
Example of support: The window of opportunity to be adopted shuts more and more the older they get. Especially for the kids between 11 and 17. b. Subpoint (pathos): When you think of adoption many immediately think baby. The majority of couples wanting children want a baby or young child, the thought of getting an older child does not cross their mind. i. Examples (pathos): The demand for young children is so great judges are turning down cases to place older children with a family. ii. Statistical support (logos): The Huffington Post reported that a girl named Mary like most teenagers in foster care was told she was unadoptable because of her age (Lee). Transition: Now that you are aware of the cause of this problem lets discuss a solution. III. Main Point # 3 (*Solution to the problem): Inform people more a. Subpoint Description of solution: People need to be informed on why adopting an older child is just as good as adopting a baby. i. How solution fits problem: It is no mystery that the more you know about something the better you can make a decision. ii. How it will offer relief: Understanding about adopting an older child might persuade them to adopt

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