Gun Violence Persuasive Speech

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PERSUASIVE SPEECH Choong Hwan Park Speech 101 Attention Getter: using the video that shows gun violence for 15 seconds. Thesis: In order to solve gun violence, only government officers such as police, firemen, or soldiers should be able to possess guns and civilians should not be able to own guns for any reason. Credibility: Since I was a little kid, I watched a lot of news that was related to gun violence in the U.S. Now that I am living in the United States, I sometimes feel that I am not safe when I take the subway or walk the streets at night. Thus, I recognized that gun ownership is a serious social problem. This problem surely threatens ordinary people’s lives in the United States. To handle this problem, I did some research about the…show more content…
Some people might say that we need a gun to protect ourselves in the United States, but there are actually various ways to protect ourselves instead of using a gun according to the article, “How Americans Protect Themselves from Crime.” Transition to Conclusion: before the government legislates about the gun control law, we need to be the spearhead that is awake to this problem deeply and carefully. Restate Thesis: I am convinced that the entire civilian should not own guns to prevent the gun violence, and only government officers must be able to own guns. Review Main Points: we realize that erroneous gun possession contributes to horrible gun accidents. To protect ourselves from the death, we possess our guns, but these guns can be the boomerang that brings the death back to our families and us. Today, we should imprint the solution that I suggest today. Clincher: as we are full-grown adults, we are responsible for handing down the safe and beautiful world to prosperity. We cannot just endanger our friends and family through gun violence. Thus, we should put more attention to this problem and build a free world from gun violence together. Finally, remember that those innocent victims of gun violence can be your friends, your family, and
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