Essay On Pet Adoption

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Most pet shops sell super cute puppies and kittens, but no one really knows where those pets come from. Many people know about puppy mills, which are places where puppies and dogs are kept and bred. They typically live in small cages and inhumane conditions, and the same things happen with kittens, too. Adopting from an Adoption Center like or ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) will help animals in need of a home. Adopting a pet is a better choice because adoption is less expensive, two lives are saved, and adopting stops the flow of money going to puppy and kitten mills. The cost of a pet is very important to people who want to save money but still want to have a lovable pet in their homes. The adoption fee is normally about $50 to $100, which includes spaying or neutering, and all the…show more content…
about 65% of pet owners [get] their canine or feline friends for free, or at a very low cost”(Vasilescu 2). When a pet is bought from a pet store, they usually cost about $500 to $1,000 and do not have any of their vaccinations. An article was published about one family’s experience with their store-bought pup, who was around 12 weeks old when they got it, and the article states, “... [the] $2,300 puppy [Torro] collapsed nine days after being bought from a pet store in Perth [Australia], [and] his heartbroken family began asking questions”(Buyers ‘deceived’ over puppy farms 1). After the puppy’s collapse, the family took Torro to their local vet, but it was too late to save the small, fragile animal and the vet had to euthanize him. The owners of the puppy had already paid the money for the puppy in addition to the vaccinations and neutering. One of the best things about animal shelters is that any animal
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