Essay On Pet Offender Registry

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Should There be a Pet Offender Registry Many animals such as cats and dogs are abused almost everyday. Would a pet offender registry help prevent this abuse and cruelty of animals?The answer is simple, yes. The United States of America should make a pet offender registry because it will protect animals, pet abuse is illegal, and it helps identify violent people. A pet offender registry would help protect animals from those who would abuse them. A pet offender registry would alert shelters and pet adoption centers of those people who have abused animals in the past. When the abusers can not get animals the animals can not be harmed. This is just one benefit of having a pet offender registry. Furthermore neighbors would be alerted about when and where a pet offender would live. The benefit is that the pet owners would know what areas to avoid in the neighborhood.These are just two reasons the United States should enforce a pet offender registry(College of Albany, 2016.). Animal abuse is highly illegal. Scientists classify humans as animals because we, humans, share similar qualities and traits to a type of animal like mammals. However when scientists talk in the sense of intelligence, humans are not classified as animals. To define animals is: any…show more content…
This is just one reason why we should not have have a pet offense registry but it is a weak reason for not having a pet offender registry. The Internet, itself, is like a registry. When someone does something illegal then everyone knows about it because they could just put in that someone's name and their information would would show. The benefits obviously outweigh the costs of having a pet offense registry(North Attleboro, MA,
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