Essay On Pete Rose In The Hall Of Fame

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Kyle Kleinman
Mrs. Ross
English 12
30 January 2017
Why Pete Rose Should Be In The Hall Of Fame We should be able to honor the hit king by electing him into the hall of fame with 4,256 hits, the most in MLB history but we can’t. Pete Rose, “also played in more games (3,562) , that he had ten 200-hit seasons (tied for first all-time with Ichiro Suzuki), That he won three batting titles, and led the league in hits seven times.” He was a three time World Series champ and played 5 positions first base, second base, third base, right field, and left field. Pete Rose did gamble on sports teams. This was a violation of MLB rules subject to and including lifetime suspension. Rose was caught and was not able to be in the hall of fame also being suspended from MLB …show more content…

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