Essay On Phantom Limb Pain Syndrome

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The other problem we will analyse is phantom limb pain syndrome, which is a pain that can be detected in the area where amputation occurred (as in the case of our patient), and there are some factors that are dangerous such as pain after surgery and amputation and, of course, the bad psychology that our patient may have (Flor, 2002). Phantom limb pain is a phenomenon of mutilation caused by this process and in these cases, can occur in many patients.
Some possible ways that can cause phantom limb pain in a patient may be the various nerves that exist in sensitive parts of our body and cause the patient to experience some pain (Ehde, 2000). To improve the phantom limb pain, we can do some action, such as reducing pain. Various ways of treatment
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Phil Bury is a 64-year-old man with a history of chronic cough, moderate sputum production and breathlessness on exertion. He has had several hospital admissions with exacerbations and chest infections in the past three years.
He was employed as an electrical engineer until three years ago when he was forced to retire due to ill health.
Mr Bury is a life-long smoker, smoking between 30-40 cigarettes a day although he has tried to cut down. Following deterioration in his wife’s health due to a stroke last year, they now live in sheltered accommodation. This small ground floor flat has two bedrooms, a small bathroom, a lounge and kitchen-diner. The property has one step at the front door with a hand rail. He has no garden and does not know the area or his neighbours well. His wife is mobile but requires his help to shop and manage the flat.
His current exercise tolerance restricts his mobility outside of the house. He manages to walk around the flat, but rarely leaves the flat apart from hospital appointments. He has recently developed swollen ankles, and this has further limited his mobility in the last few days. He no longer drives and is reliant upon hospital transport and taxis, which frustrates
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