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A phobia can be defined as an anxiety disorder; it is a continual, unusual fear of a situation or object, which causes signs and symptoms that range from a slight fear, which causes a serious response. A phobia is characterised by, physical symptoms: breathlessness, hyperventilation and can even lead to painful muscle contractions (Gross, 2005 p. 218). Between 3-5million people have some kinds of phobia (Mikhail, 2000). An animal type phobia (zoophobia) is a fear of animals and insects. Fear of animals (Zoophobia) is one of the most common specific phobias. Research conducted on this phobia has shown that humans have a genetic predisposition to fear certain types of animals. Often animals like snakes, spiders, insects etc. stimulate a disgust/fear response in us. To an extent, this fear is necessary for the survival of human species. The degree or extent to which humans fear certain animals is directly mutual to the animal’s characteristics. This ranges from a slight fear causing a small reaction; to a phobia on a larger scale, causing a greater amount of distress. More extreme…show more content…
The mind releases the feeling of fear from a traumatic situation. The mind associates objects with the trauma that they experienced. They can also be learned from other people that have the same fear. For example; zoophobia can occur when children see the fear of their parent when confronted by a spider or a cockroach (Gross, 2008 p. 190). Most common reason behind acquiring Zoophobia is the intense anxiety or stress that develops in the mind of an individual. This emotion manifests deep into the brain and is recalled each time the individual is placed in a stressful situation. It is essential to note that not all fear of animals can be labelled as Zoophobia. The occurrence is continuously firm, not justified and irrational fear of animals no matter how non dangerous or harmless they

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