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First, in level 5 of the Reading Assessment Summary Activity, the student may have missed 8 out of 10 words in the phoneme deletion section of the assignment because when learning to read, phoneme deletion is a more complicated activity. Phoneme deletion is recognizing the word that is formed when sounds are taken away from another word according to Rauth & Stuart (2008). It requires that readers have an understanding that when alphabet sounds are deleted or omitted from a word, the remainder of the word or sounds in the word will remain in place. Phoneme deletion is a very important part of developing phonemic awareness. To be an efficient reader, students must be able to identify different alphabet sounds that make up words and how these…show more content…
Phoneme substitution is the process of changing an alphabet sound or a group of sounds in a word to form a new word as stated by Rauth & Stuart (2008). It is on of the more difficult parts of phonological awareness. What makes phonemic substitution more difficult is as the process changes, the level of difficulty goes up. For example, when readers learn to substitute the first letter in a word, it is easy. The student will be instructed to change the first sound in bet with the b changing to an l. This level is easy. The new word formed is let. However, when students run into problems is when the medial and last alphabet sounds are substituted. The teacher can introduce substitution by using pictures or letters that can show how new words may be created when one sound is changed in a word. The teacher can show students a picture of a hat, ask them to say the word out loud, spell the word /h/ /a/ /t/, and next ask the students what the word would be if the /h/ in hat is changed to /b/, and the children should answer bat. Also, depending on students’ age range and function level rhymes, songs, games, and other activities may be used to teach substitution skills. For example, rhyming games and songs are a very popular way to teach phonemic substitution. Students can be asked to count out the syllables of a name, say the name, and create a rhyme for the

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