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The words phonetics and phonology might be confusing to differentiate. Since both words start with the word “phone” which has the meaning of sound. Yet they differ from each other completely. Both words play a big role in the study of the sound systems. Phonetics is more about the production and the perception of words. It is categorized by three branches Acoustic phonetic, Auditory phonetic, and Articulatory phonetic. However: phonology is considered the interpretation of words and how they are used to transfer meaning. Phonology is parted down by two sections, which are phonemes and allophones. As both have different meanings; nevertheless, both go by the same phonological rules that apply in the English language. Phonetics which is…show more content…
It’s important when trying to differentiate between them is to understand more then memories. As both phonetics and phonology break down into different routes when practicing you will be able to comprehend more information, and distinguish between each word and its meaning. Each one of us already knows some phonological rules that apply throughout our everyday life. Whenever we pronounce a sound we are actually pronouncing it while applying some phonological rules. Phonetics and phonology is the core base of the study of linguistics. As stated by The University of Arizona (2011-2015) the study of linguistics is growing and is an impact on other fields like psychology, philosophy, and many more. It is very interesting to understand how and why and where we humans pronounce our words from. Each vocal organ has an importance in our everyday speech. It is even more inspiring when learning different forms of speech and how each dialect or accent differs in a words meaning and/or pronunciation. Many words in linguistics might seem that they have the same meaning like for example trying to understand the difference between phonemes and allophones. Reading and practicing vocally will help you. Never the less: both terms phonology and phonetics are important in the linguistic field, and needs to be understood rather than

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