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With the advent of sophistication in smart phones, it’s a bygone thing that in order to polish and edit a photo, you need some hands-on-experience in say giant editing software like Adobe Photoshop. Photo editing these days have become so subtle and swift, and more importantly so much easier, that anyone owning a good smart phone could show his magic of imagination through his simple mobile phone camera and the photo editing apps. Because of these smart phones and their wonderful photo editing and camera features, you need not necessarily sit with your desktop and open big any software. Click a pic, lie down in your couch and start editing! Now that phones have become smart and the fact that giants like Windows have operating systems for mobile platforms as well, photo editing sitting in your bed is so much fun and easy now! This article brings to you all the top photo editing apps that could be downloaded and used in Windows phones.
1. Fotor
Let us start with Fotor, which is an online sit that lets users
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Earlier only Lumia 1020 and 1520 supported this app in the Windows phones but now it’s available for all Widows run devices. The best feature of PicsArt apart from its awesome photo editing features is that it’s a social platform in itself, where photographers from across globe can share their amazing clicks and edits online with anyone in any part of the world. PicsArt provides you the perfect combination of tools to deliver and edit your best. This amazing photo editor after using makes your photos not just merely photos or stills but pieces of art using various filters, overlays, effects, text, and many more creative tools. With PicsArt, you can diversify your editing by using a wide variety of templates and frames to come up with outstanding collages. The best feature of this app is its user friendliness. Even if you haven’t used PicsArt before, it won’t be tough for you to go easy with

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