Essay On Photo Manipulation

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Today, photo manipulation is popular and trendy because people nowadays are pretty much involved in using technology. Photo Manipulation is "transforming or altering a photograph" (Wikipedia) with the use of different methods and techniques for the editor to achieve its desired result with the use of technology. This is considered as skilful artwork. Photo manipulation and photo editing are two different thing. Photo editing is a "small changes that do not change the image" (Callow) while photo manipulation is changing almost everything on the image. Photo manipulation is common to so many people. In today 's generation doing photo manipulation is an everyday routine for some people. People do photo manipulation for fun and for them to express…show more content…
A model named Natasha, is a beautiful and gorgeous lady but is a little bit out of shape in terms of body sexiness, applied in a dietary supplement company that would reproduce flyers, magazines and even billboards. When Natasha was hired, she signed a contract. In the contract it was stated there that as part of her job she would give her full consent of allowing the company 's photo editor to manipulate her pictures taken by the company 's photographer. She visits the companies studio room to do a photo shoot twice a week. After every photo shoots, the company’s photo editor and the overall designer would manipulate and edit her photos taken by their photographer. They would make Natasha look so stunning and sexy. The pictures they have manipulated would deceive the target market into believing that their product can give them effective results. In this case, is the photo editor’s act ethical? What are the ethical considerations of photo manipulation? When they manipulated the photo, was the act ethical? Is their act of photo manipulation an ethical thing to do on the part of the model, even though she gave her full consent by signing the contract that allows the company to improve her images for business
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