Low Level Laser Therapy

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It is not rocket science that there is biological reaction from our body to light. This happens every day and the best example is our eyes which are in general photosensitive. As a matter of fact, the whole vision is just light hitting the retinas which then create a chemical reaction which allows everyone to see. One of the simpler examples is when sunlight hits our skin, there is a biochemical reaction to it as vitamin D synthesizes. This also applies to sun tans where sun stimulates melanocytes to multiply making the skin brown. Light not only does this but also reacts with other things. When hydrogen peroxide is kept in dark bottles, it is kept so that light can initiate a chemical degradation process. This proves that light almost affects…show more content…
Low level infrared light has been proven to significantly improve the recuperation of stroke victims. It sure is magic as light does seem to have such an ability. The science of laser therapy has become very pronounced and easier to explain thanks to the research that has gone under for the same. However, there are some claims that are made against low level laser therapy that might stand against it. Those claims are usually unscientific and factious in nature that it can be ignored. By all means, low level laser therapy still remains to be a very good healing therapy that could be administered for many who are interested. Low lever laser therapy has been given different names to describe it like biostimulation and even photobiomodulation. It was used in the past for breast cancer as a substitute for radiation therapy as radiation therapy induces inflammatory dermatitis. This low level laser therapy instruments are used today as a substitute for chronic pain relieving ones. Even for low back and neck pain it is a good option and is being recommended and can be used when situations are option less. For wound healing also it has been heavily used outside the United States and outside FDA…show more content…
It has been a very successful method and has not been questioned or critiqued much by those who have used it. There have not been any major side-effects that have made this therapy to be called a waste of time. It has worked magic for those who have dared to try it and still continues to be one of the methods in which pain relieving and wound healing have been taking place quite effectively. Once proper research is done on laser therapies done the world over, it is not hard to find that there are many who have been using it and have found it to be very useful in places like Russia the most, Europe, South America and the Middle East. These countries have been using laser therapy extensively and fixing problems for a while. It is only the critiques that keep us a step away from this therapy which is purely skepticism and nothing to be accounted for as laser therapy is being proven to be effective with very little or no damage to a

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