Essay On Photojournalism

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PHOTOJOURNALISM A picture speaks a thousand words is a Chinese proverb which become a popular cliché meaning a picture can tell or describe the story better than a large amount of descriptive text. That apart, there are photographs which otherwise cannot be expressed in words. This is the beauty and exclusivity of the art of photography. It’s a fact that very many complex things can be explained in a single still image by a photojournalist. The Journalistic slogan that `Pen is mightier than Sword’ is also true for that the written words have power. With expertise and skill a reporter can expose dark sides of the world into light. However words have certain limitations like age, language or intelligence limits of the reader, which parameters also does not apply for a viewer of an image or a photo. Newspaper reading is a habit for most of us to get updated with the current affairs or for some it is for gaining more knowledge. We always find pictures in the newspapers that shows the most important and crucial happenings of the previous day but speaking a lot more than the descriptive words. A Journalist tells the story and a photographer takes snaps of people, places and properties. A photojournalist takes the best of the…show more content…
Not all the pictures taken by the photojournalist would appear on the newspaper or magazine. It is up to the Editor who decides which picture to appear and what not to appear depending on how thought-provoking and challenging the image taken is. For example: A picture of destroyed houses and dead bodies in a street after an earthquake would be more impactful and striking to the readers than a news story with hundreds of
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