Light And Photosynthesis Essay

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Which frequencies and type of light aided and affected the efficiency of photosynthesis or carbon dioxide consumption in a spinach leaf?
The purpose of the experiment/lab was to observe the effectiveness of different lights during the process of photosynthesis.
Photosynthesis is a biological process. It occurs in plants, algae and specified bacteria (prokaryotes). Photosynthesis is the process where plants, algae, and bacteria convert light energy into chemical energy. These organisms use the sun's light energy to create food for themselves. Specifically, plants are autotrophs. An autotroph is an organism that has the ability to create their own food and have a sustainable food source. Plants use the sun's light energy
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This ranges from visible light, to non-visible light. The decrease of slope of the blue light was -0.0164286 ppt/min. The slope of the Ultra violet light was -0.0099296 ppt/min. The CO2 consumption rate of decrease of the infrared light was 0.051404 ppt/min. Last, the slope of the white LED light was -0.00225372 ppt/min. The blue light had the largest rate of decreasing slope. This supports the original hypothesis. Out of the lights that were chosen, the blue light was most efficient because it contained the ride out of energy too aid photosynthesis. Infrared was the least efficient. It increased the level of CO2 in the biochamber. The infrared light does not contain an adequate amount of energy to affect the process of photosynthesis positively. White light contains all colors of the visible light spectrum, so as expected, it enabled to photosynthesis to occur. Ultraviolet light contains too much energy to properly and consistently assist photosynthesis. This inconsistency is expressed in the initial logger pro data (screenshot/example located 2 pages prior). Every trial of the UV light, showed how the slope would increase until about 2:30 minutes through the 5 minute testing. The slope would then begin to drastically decrease, expressing that photosynthesis was occuring. Photosynthesis is affected by different types of lights and wavelength

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