Physical Effects Of Stress

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Introduction Stress is the deadliest disease that has ever existed. It is far worse than cancer or any other viral diseases because stress is the source or root of numerous diseases. Stress has many effects but these can be generally categorized into two -- physical and mental. However, this research will only tackle the physical effects of stress, especially to one’s appearance. Some effects of stress to one’s physical appearance would be brittle nails, hair loss, weight gain, skin damage, wrinkles, general appearance of exhaustion, and ugliness due to negative words and thoughts. The effects of stress are the same for all peoples in the world, but the impact depends on culture. There is a high level of stress in Japan due to culture and…show more content…
Overthinking worsens stress. It twists things around, makes one worry over useless things, ruins the situation and creates problems that are not there in the first place. Studies show that 84% of people who are stressed is caused by overthinking (Anderson, McGovern & Norris, 2003). Physical Effects of Stress The observable physiological changes caused by stress are hair loss, weight gain, brittle nails, general appearance of exhaustion, advancement of aging process, and weakening of skin 's healing process. Cortisol, known as the primary stress hormone, is a steroid hormone that is formed in the adrenal glands in reaction to stress (Talbott, 2007). Cortisol is necessary in the body for it controls stress, but too much release of cortisol can badly affect a person’s body, and some of which are hair loss and weight gain. According to Malesky and Kittel (2001), large amount of cortisol in the body enhances hair loss. On the other hand, vast amount of cortisol in the body enhances craving for food that could give stress relief. Such relief foods usually have high amount of fat and sugar, which can lead to weight gain (Cassel and Gleaves,…show more content…
Stress has the ability to decrease the amount of water in our skin, resulting to the evaporation of the skin’s moisture, leading to dryness (Garg, et. al., 2001). Effect of Negative Words to One’s Physical Appearance: Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment Masaru Emoto (1994), a graduate of Yokohama Municipal University, was introduced to the concept of micro cluster water in the US and has undertaken extensive research on water crystal formation, which led him to his water crystalline formation experiment. In his water crystal experiment, he observed the physical effect of music, words, prayers and environment on the crystalline structure of water by photographing the crystalline structure of the frozen water exposed to a particular word (Lejuwaan, 2011). Here is the photograph of the result of his

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