Argument Essay: The Perception Of Physical Beauty

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Physical Beauty In a perfect world, inner beauty would be the only thing that was considered important about a person, while their physical appearance would just be something a part of them that wouldn’t determine a person’s character. However, this is not the case, this isn’t a perfect world. The perception of beauty has always been shown that it only involved outward appearance, yet that sounds ignorant so people tend to announce that inward beauty is what matters most, when it’s not actually the first thing that is thought in someone’s mind when meeting someone new. Communties worldwide have always been corrupted with the thought of the better the physical appearance give the better advantages, which is hardly false in today’s society. Therefore, the modern society has formulated a culture in which physical appearance is a more compelling attribute rather than inner beauty.. From the moment a person is born they are taught to see with their eyes, as it is one of the natural things for most humans. This is a beautiful creation that has brought so much negativity into the world. Parents teach their children to judge a situation based off how it looks, which is true but it also extends to judge a…show more content…
Racism has always only been based off of physical appearance of a person’s skin color. It is a major international issue that has been around since the beginning of time and will continue to influence society in more negative ways. Skin color is common to be an attribute of beauty and it has changed tremendously. In the the victorian era, the definition of beauty was focused on the paleness of skin and woman being plump. If women were plump it means that they were very wealthy could afford anything. Now, fast forward to modern times and what is considered attractive are thick thighs and dark skin, however a person can’t be too thick or too dark or else they they wouldn’t fit into the right
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