Essay On Physical Education Should Be Mandatory

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It has been a topic, often discussed about amongst students and school all across America. “Should P.E be mandatory?” students and teachers often debate on whether to make physical education mandatory. Although many students claim that P.E is a fun way to exercise, some students think otherwise. A high number of students say that P.E is a waste of time, and is more torture than it is education. Even though some students are against P.E, physical education classes show to help students develop fine motor skills, cooperation, teamwork, and reduces stress and improves self confidence and self esteem. Regular physical activity can also help prevent future medical issues. Without regular exercise, it may be more difficult to practice self-discipline and develop healthy exercise habits as adults. P.E should be mandatory, because it helps develop better skills such as motor skills and cooperation, helps prevent possible help issues in the future, and helps students become more self disciplined and have healthier exercising habits…show more content…
The article “Advantages & Disadvantages of P.E In Schools” by Marie Anderson from the web page says, “According to the shape of the national report published of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education website, regular physical activity can help prevent serious medical issues like cardio vascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.” This means that if students do P.E. and get regular exercise, it can help them get into a healthy habit of exercising, which could help prevent possibly life threatening medical issues in the future. P.E also means that the obesity rate in America could possibly go down, which can help teach students about getting exercise and staying healthy. In any event, P.E should be mandatory, because regular physical activity can help prevent any future medical
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