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Abstract-In manufacturer field, there are many type of hazard, especially physical hazard. Workers should be alert and know about the causes and effects of the physical hazard. Hence, risk assessment matrix is one of the methods to recognize and evaluate the physical hazard that would probably happen in manufacturing industries. Most important things is that the way or strategies to avoid and prevent the hazard to become worse.

Keywords- electrical, hazard, lightning, noise, pressure, radiation, thermal, tinnitus, training


There are a lot of hazards around us especially for workers and of the most common hazard is physical hazard.

A. Definition of Physical Hazard

Physical hazard is defined as one of the source of causing
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B Very large and unacceptable risk.

C Large and unacceptable risk

D Medium and acceptable risk, which should be further reduced.

E Small and acceptable risk, which should be further reduced.

F Very small and acceptable risk.

left is to reduce the effect of the hazard by ventilating the area around the hazard.

B. Safe Work Practices

Safe work practices in general are statements of what you should or should not do in order to safely perform a task. These practices include one’s company’s workplace rules. For example, exposure from hazards could still occur even if the hazard has been enclosed. This is when safe work practices come in. With it, employees will be able to take action to prevent the hazard from getting worse. Some example of safe work practices are [17]:

* Respiratory Protection.

* Lockout or Tag out.

* Confined Space Entry.

* Hazard Communication.

* Blood borne Pathogens.

* Hearing Conservation.

C. Emergency Preparations

Hazards will sometimes show only during emergencies. These hazards would not appear during normal workplaces. These hazards might be manmade or natural disasters or even a sudden malfunction within equipment. Therefore, employees and employers must be alert to any kind of emergencies and act according to curb the

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