Essay On Physical Issues In Sport

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Physical Issues The number one tool athletes use to reach maximum performance is often overlooked. It’s not supplements, magic, or supernatural powers that these athletes experience. The secret for athletes to reach their highest performing potential is the assistance of physical therapists, helping them recovery from injury or even get them ready for season. “Physical therapy helps professional athletes stay fit, recover from injuries, and improve their play”(Tepper). Physical therapists give the athlete a sense of security, a sense of confidence, and sense of trust in their own body. Physical therapy is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods like heat treatment, massage and exercises. Physical Therapists in sports…show more content…
This reveals the effectiveness of therapists as they prepare athletes for their training and performances. The runners in New York have physical issues and physical improvement that need to be made before they go out and perform. They go to physical therapists to increase their chance to meet their full potential for the race. Muscle imbalances, joint trouble, sprains, and range of motion are the fixes that can make the difference in the race. Therapists know what each of their clients have to do to fix their personal physical problems, they are specialists, not generic clinic workers. They appeal to each person individually and don’t follow a basic set of procedures and hope that it works for everyone. They work with each patient according to their specific need. Physical Therapists in sports not only help athletes physically, but mentally and emotionally because of the built relationship between the athlete and therapist. When an athlete is injured their world ends. It’s the point where they feel defeated and like if it’s the end of the road. Their mental state is out
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