Fractional Distillation Procedure

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Physical Means was the first method we used to separate parts of Sludge. Physical Means means that you are taking something out (most likely a insoluble solid which is what we did) either with a tool or with your hands. We had four insoluble solids in our mixture and we used our fingers to remove each of them Distillation After we got the insoluble solids out by using Physical Means, we then used distillation to get the soluble solid out of the mixture. Distillation is a separation technique used to separate a soluble solid from a liquid and the liquid being kept. To do this, put 10-15 mL of solution in a test tube and secure it to the stand. Then take a stopper with two holes on the top, and in one hole put the tube, and in the other put the lab quest ( to keep track of the temperature). Fill a beaker with cold water and put another test tube inside of it and …show more content…

Fractional distillation is a separation technique used to separate two liquids with different boiling points and keep the liquid. To do this, we set it up just like the distillation lab with the 10-15mL in the test tube over the fire and the tube leading the the test tube in the beaker. The first time you go through, the same test tube is left in the whole time but you must record the temperature around every 10-15 seconds using your labquest. You then find two places where the temperature is consistent for a few seconds, this is your plateau. The second time you go through, change out the test tubes as soon as you get to your first plateau, this liquid is liquid one. Wait until the temperature gets to your second plateau and change it out again, this liquid is the junk liquid, you don’t need it. Now wait until it is all done and the final liquid is your liquid two. Liquid one and Liquid two are now your separated two liquids and you can test the

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