Process Essay: The Process Of Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is an important step to take when trying to recover from an injury, it is a process that is better than personal training for any sport or competition. Instead of recovering by yourself and getting poor results on trying to improve, going to a physical therapist will give you a better result in a faster time. Personal training doesn 't focus on improving injuries but more on weight loss or muscle improvement. Going through physical therapy process will help in the process getting back to regular activities and helps the patient have help in getting motivated psychologically. The physical therapist will motivate the patient to recover as much as they can and help them progress in a steady pace, but also show
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It is just like a consultation with any doctor a patient may see. The therapist has to talk with them about a recovery plan that they are thinking will work the best. They also talk about the goals that they will both be trying to achieve during the recovery. Once that is done, the therapist will remove anything that is holding or covering the affected area. Then they position the body so it can be comfortable, and then start all the techniques that they have to use. To start with the therapy, the therapist will grab the joint carefully and move it around, and if the patient has discomfort or has pain then they will grab below the joint for improvement. If the part being treated on has a fracture or has any fragility, the therapist will support it with something. To move the muscle, they will push the tissues to a certain range in a slow way, but can not push it way beyond the point of stretching, if they do it could possibly hurt the patient and that is not part of the goals that is to be exceeded. The exercise will be repeated for about 5 to 10 times. It all depends on the injury or the program that is required on the patient. The movement of Prom is an external movement, and the therapist or a machine is the one doing the movement, and even the patient can help by moving it normally in a pattern. And then once the patients are able to move it, the muscles

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