Ultra Food Persuasive Speech

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It is a well known fact that as we grow older the effects of ageing becomes increasingly visible in our bodies. - We are more prone to infections as our immune system becomes weakened. - Our energy levels also get much lower. - Our stomachs struggle to digest the delicacies we eat properly and we easily get fat. - Also, our skin loses the touch of vitality we are accustomed to seeing as it shows signs of cracks, dryness and paleness. Every day, the cells in our bodies work tirelessly to support our physical, mental and emotional engagements. Over time, however, these activities begin to take a toll on us. Organs that may once have been efficient begin to show signs of weakness as their cells become old or infused with toxins and die. Naturally,…show more content…
Researchers agree that this ‘ultra-food’ is more valuable and potent than virtually all the ‘superfoods’ we rave about today. NASA says it is intricately connected to life on Earth as it is believed to produce up to 90% of the oxygen present in the planet. To put this in another way, if this item is completely destroyed, the earth would become uninhabitable for many organisms – including humans. This wonderful ‘ultra-food’ is known as phytoplankton. Phytoplankton basically refers to numerous aquatic microscopic organisms that utilize light and dissolved carbon dioxide to produce their energy and nutritional requirements. Scientists say a small dosage of this item contains a large amount of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed by the body to function optimally. Although this revitalizing item has been known for many years, the difficulty in sourcing fresh phytoplankton had prevented its widespread use. But that was a problem of the past. The successful development of the world’s first ‘Ocean on Land’ by European engineers means you can easily get pure uncontaminated
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