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Phytoremediation is the use of plants and trees to remove polluted contaminants from soil or groundwater in the environment. We get this word from the Greece word “phyto” meaning plant and the Latin word “remedium” meaning restoring balance. There are many different types of phytoremediation. Some help metal contaminated sites and some help organic polluted sites. The ones that are most used are the ones that help the organic polluted sites. This is because it is a quicker process and an easier way to deposit the waste. The six from these sites are phytoextraction, rhizofiltration, phytostabilisation, phytodegration, rhizodegration, and phytovolatilization.
Phytoextraction is one of the most used type of phytoremediation. It helps metal contaminated sites. During this process the
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Phytodegration is when the plants absorb the organic contaminants in the soil or groundwater. Next the contaminants travel up the shoot into the leaves. Then they are broken down by the plant’s enzymes and stored in the leaves. These are then used in the plant’s way of life. Then it becomes part of the plants tissue.
Rhizodegration is also a type of phytoremediation that helps organic polluted sites. Rhizodregration is when microbes in the soil breakdown the contaminates. These microbes eat harmful chemicals in the soil. They do this by bioremediation. Also in rhizodegration water from the soil is precipitated into the rhizospere (volatilization), after the roots have absorbed the organic contaminates and has been transported to the plants leaves.
In phytovolatilization the roots absorb the organic contaminates and then they are transported to the leaves. And then they are released into the atmosphere. But while the plants are going up the shoot to the leaves, they are traveling through the plant’s vascular system. While they are doing this they are evaporating into the air around the

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