My Piano Autobiography

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I was born in Japan and lived there for nineteen years before moving to the United States two years ago for study abroad. I have played the piano since I was three years old because my thought it would help with school grades as well as social activity. I did not like practicing piano, but my mother was strict, and made me practice almost three hours every day. When I could not play properly, my father and brother complained about the noise. I do not know if practicing the piano affected my school performance, but my academic record was satisfying. Furthermore, the teachers in my school asked me to play the piano for the school events or festivals. Because of his, I was known for as a sagacious student. Due to my lessons, I have been exposed…show more content…
Then, I received an electric piano as a birthday gift. I started playing the piano again and I was able to express myself through music. It reminded me that I could be myself wherever I am. When I feel stressed, I play the piano with my cousin singing. It helps me relax. Since I have played the piano since I was three years old, the piano represents my life. When I was an elementary student, I dedicated myself to the piano and won several prizes in the competition. Playing the piano again in a foreign country reminds me of all the memories in my childhood and gives me confidence. Moreover, I watch other people’s piano performance online and that gives me strength since they look brilliant and enjoy expressing themselves through piano. I did not want to play the piano at first, but as I become older I realize that the piano is a big part of my identity, and the way I express myself. When I face difficulties living in a foreign country, Playing the piano cheers me up. When I accomplish something, I celebrate it by playing the piano with my cousin. If I did not have the piano in my life, I do not know how I would define myself and feel confident. In this way, the piano plays a very important role in my

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