Mississippi Lions All-State Band: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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I was born and raised in Gulfport, Mississippi, an area immersed in a relaxed coastal culture and a vibrant jazz and blues heritage. Gulfport is located right off the Gulf of Mexico and less than an hour from New Orleans, Louisiana. Living near the Gulf, heavily influenced my childhood, I would spend weekends at the beach, and long hours traveling to distant islands far from the coast I called home. The music you would hear at the beach were always from timeless Americana artist; such as, Bob Dylan and Jonny Cash. My parents, not musicians themselves, were infatuated with the music of the late 1980’s from artists like Prince, Michael Jackson, and Journey. My particular favorite artist from that time period was Queen, and my love for rhapsody…show more content…
I played tuba in band throughout middle school, high school, and college. I remember when I was assigned to play the tuba in middle school; I was upset and mortified because what middle schooler wanted to play tuba, but the band director said I had the perfect embouchure to play tuba and it would be a waste to switch to another instrument. Eventually I developed a love for the tuba, I practiced constantly and auditioned for numerous honor bands and various competitions. One year I was fortunate to complete a lifelong goal to make the Mississippi Lions All-State Band. That summer, I traveled to Hawaii, and I represented Mississippi at the International Lions Club Convention. I meet ambassadors from around the world, and I was able to speak with amazing musicians and performers. While in Hawaii, I snorkeled in Hanauma Bay, hiked Diamond Head volcano, and visited Pearl Harbor. I will never forget the friendships that I forged all because of music. I began as a naïve middle schooler and transformed myself into a confident performer and student. I now carry a sense of pride because I finally completed my dream. Performing in the Mississippi Lions Band is an experience I will never forget, nor will I forget all of those tireless nights of

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