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Abstract: A movie poster in its broad meaning is considered as a poster used to promote and advertise a movie. It is normally contains an image with text. Recently, posters are often featuring photographs of the main actors. Prior to the 1990s, illustrations, instead of photos, were far more commonly used. The texts on a movie poster were usually emphasized the title of the movie in large letterings and very often the names of the main actors and actresses. Also, it may included a tagline, the name of the director, names of characters, the release date, etc.The most effective movie posters are iconic, presenting the themes of the movie without resorting out what it is about. These posters use imagery, whether a close-up of a character or item…show more content…
If there aren 't any good pictures of actors or movie scenes, the designer can try to substitute them by more symbolic images. Otherwise, the designer may have to forgo photos for representative drawings, which would make the poster illustrative rather than photographic. [10] What is pictograms? There are many definitions of pictograms; here is a review of some of them: A pictogram is a stylized figurative drawing that is used to convey information of an analogical or figurative nature directly to indicate an object or to express an idea. [1] The Pictogram, a visual language developed for all people. It is an attractive way of displaying data. [6] p.1 Pictograms or icons are a keystone of nonverbal and multicultural communication . [4] pictogram is a symbol of the pictorial graphic system. It is an image created by people for the purpose of quick and clear communication. It is essentially a picture of the objects they signify. Pictograms are generally used in graphic systems and writings which have characters that appear in a pictorial form. [9] Pictograms are international symbols replace and support, where necessary, written and spoken language. [3]

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