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Open a book and explore the language

-A text about using picture books with young language learners.

There are picture books with short texts and books with longer texts, the variety of books seem endless and are for all ages. The traditional interpretation of picture books is that they are for younger people. This is in contrast to Birketveit & Williams (2013), who says several books also are for older pupils and adults. Indeed, they are authentic and an excellent way to use for grammar exercises and language learning.
The knowledge promotion under basic skills: “Being able to read in English means the ability to create meaning by reading different types of text. It means reading English language texts to understand, reflect on and acquire insight and knowledge across cultural borders and within specific fields of study. This further involves preparing and working with reading English texts for different reason sand of varying lengths and complexities”. (Kunnskapsdepartementet 2013).
For many pupils, the picture book represents the first meeting of authentic literature; also reading stories introduces them to the complex nature of language and helps them learn important language skills.

Characteristics of a picture book

Picture books are multimodal texts that are composed of one or more meaningful
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I can mention a few examples; picture storybooks (Brown bear, Brown Bear what do you see by Eric Carle), participation books (Spot Goes to the Park by Eric Hill), predictable books (The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle), folktales and fables (Goldilocks and the three bears by James Marshall) and poetry and nursery rhymes for children. However, the type of books reads to pupils contributes to the depth of their learning. Hence, it is important to try to include a variety of books at

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