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Pineapple is the most significant plant in the Bromeliaceae family. Bromeliaceae family is split into three subfamilies, which included Pitcairnioideae, Tillandsiodeae and Bromelioideae (Kuppusamy, 2012). Pineapple is included in the subfamily Bromelioideae, order Bromeliales, genus Ananas and species comosus. It is a perennial evergreen herbaceous and monocotyledonous fruit tree that produces one of the most famous tropical fruits besides maize, banana and citrus. The genus Ananas has distinctive characteristics which merging the whole inflorescence into a huge compound fruit. The main pineapple producers in the world that supplying nearly 50 % of the total output are Thailand, Philippines, Brazil and China. There are some other important producers such as India, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia and Mexico (Hossain, Akhtar and Anwar, 2015).
Adult pineapple plants have height in 1.2 m with a diameter of 1.5 m which consists of several parts. The main morphological structures of pineapple are the leaves, stem, peduncle, multiple fruit, shoots, roots and the crown. The short axial stem is completely concealed by the leaves and the leaves are numbering up to 80, which are arranged in a spiral around the stem. Some cultivars of pineapple’s leaves show absolute absence or partial spines although commonly the
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The used of ethylene may be used by farmers to induce flowering in order to ensure the crop homogeneity. Pineapple has a gametophytic self incompatibility system where it required out crossing as it is unable to produce functional gamates. The whole pineapple possess diploid amount of 50 small chromosomes but it still present with triploid, tetraploid and heteroploid. Pineapple is greatly heterozygous and the flowers are hermaphrodite (D’eeckenbrugge et al.,

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