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Pine apples
Despite their rough, scaly green, brown or yellowish skin the pine apples also known as Ananas are juicy, vibrant tropical fruits that balances the tastes of sweet and tart. A pineapple is good for one’s healthy wellbeing with a unique nutritional profile and also a good economy booster.

Pineapples grow in tropical climates such as southern and western portions of Africa. Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Cost are the largest pineapple producers in the continent. In South Africa, the Eastern Cape is the biggest pineapple producing region in the country. Burthurst and East London provide the warm and frost free conditions to bring pineapples to perfect ripeness. Africa has a unique advantage to profit from this lucrative market for the
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• Lowers blood-pressure.
• Coughs and colds: as an excellent source of the antioxidant Vitamin C, pineapples can help in preventing and curing coughs and colds.
• Healing and inflammation: some studies have shown that the enzymes found in pineapples can reduce swelling, bruising and shorten the healing time and pain associate with injury and surgical intervention.
• Bromelain is currently used for treating and reduction of inflammation, sprains, strains and other minor muscle injuries as well as swelling related to ear, nose and throat surgeries or trauma.
• Pineapples also contain high potassium which reduces the risk of stroke, protection against the loss of muscle mass, prevention of bone mineral density and the reduction in the formation of kidney stones.
• Pineapples can help with prevention of the formation of free radicals known to cause cancers – prostate, colon etc.
• Lowers blood glucose levels in type 1 Diabetic people and improves blood sugar in type 2 Diabetic people.
• Pineapples also have astringent properties, which strengthen gums and make sure your teeth do not become loose. Astringent agents also help to tighten tissues and tone the body. Prevents also hair loss, muscles weakness and skin loosening does not

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