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Abstract—one of the major tasks in any process industry is to transportation of fluid from one place to another. The most convenient method for the same is to transfer the fluid through piping system. The piping system is the interconnected piping subject to the same set of design conditions. The piping system involves not only pipes but also the fittings, valves, flanges, Gaskets, bolting and other specialties. The main objective of this thesis is to design the piping system and then to analyze its main components. Wall thicknesses are calculate for all pipes which shall be safe for the given three types of load cases such as operating conditions, sustained conditions and expansion conditions. Also pipe system is design as per standard piping design codes. The results obtain from analysis will be compared with ASME Power Piping Code B31.1. Also the system is validated based on the experimental results In the present research, piping system is design & analyse based on the process piping code ANSI B31.1 & wall thickness is calculated for critical piping loop i.e High pressure pump delivery piping. Keywords—…show more content…
Piping system is analogous to blood circulating system in human body and is necessary for the life of the plant. The water treatment piping system, mentioned in thesis will be used for supplying the water to Reverse Osmosis system at given temperature and pressure. Mainly piping system designing is done in two parts; one is during the pre-bid stage of the project and second is at detail engineering designing stage after finalization of project. As during the post-order stage it is not possible to check the entire technical specification requirement regarding to the piping system. So it is necessary to develop optimized system for reverse osmosis unit. This reverse osmosis piping system is one of the major requirements of the water treatment plant to be installed.

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