Essay On Pitbulls Should Be Banned

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Ban on pit bulls Should owning pit bulls be banned? The pit bull is usually referred to as a dangerous even vicious animal. Although there are several instances where these feelings prove to be true, not all pit bulls are violent creatures. All animals are products of the environment they are brought up in. Pit bulls were once respected animals, and therefore, should not be banned. Reasons for this opinion are former respect, media bias, and other breeds also being dangerous.
Once respected First of all, before the civil war pit bulls were a working breed that gained much respect. According to source 3, by the 1900’s one of the most popular was the pit bull. These dogs were kept as pets, guardians, herders, and hunters. One dog in particular, Stubby of the 102nd an infantly division, was said to save his platoon by warning them of a poison gas. According to source 3. Source 3 states that the pit bull became a symbol of American pride. The image of the pit bull became popular in advertisement and it also was used on poster to recruit soldiers. Pit bulls continued their popularity throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s. A short time later, the breed began acquiring a bad reputation.

Media bias
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Several breeds of dog’s makeup the core of the pit bull breed. So who would determine which dog was banned or not banned? Source 3 states that mastiffs, boxers, and American bull dogs are commonly mistaken for pit bulls. Many muscular, short haired dogs are referred to as pits; however just because they look like the breed does not mean they are dangerous. Due to expectations associated with the pit bull, the distinction of other similar breeds is often lost. Society as a whole is responsible for the negative ideas and opinions of the breed. The issue with the ban assumptions are made based on the idea of the dogs dangerous instead of facts relating to all
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