Essay On Planned Parenthood

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Imagine living in a world where proper sexual health care and education was unavailable. Imagine not being able to receive information about contraceptives or options for an unexpected pregnancy. Imagine the number of people with sexually transmitted diseases, exceeding the number of people who do not have them, because treatment for STD’s was unavailable. On average 2.7 million men and women visit Planned Parenthood each year, to receive health care, such as STD screening, numerous cancer screenings and various other programs that are available. Planned Parenthood among countless other HealthCare providers is one of the Nation’s leading providers of “high quality, affordable healthcare for women, men and young people, and also the largest provider of sex education”( Planned Parenthood at a glance). If the Federal government defunds Planned Parenthood millions of people will struggle to seek the proper health care attention they need. Numerous…show more content…
These services are cervical cancer screenings, pap tests, pelvic exams, emergency contraception and birth control. Planned Parenthood plays an important toll on women 's sexual health care; especially young women. According to the U.S National Center for Health Statistics 15.2% of women between the ages of 15-19 are on the pill. While 6.4% women in the same age ranking use condoms. Having an organization such as Planned Parenthood, makes it easier for women to be put on the pill or receive condoms for safe sex. Planned Parenthood educates women about the risks of unprotected sex and makes sure to provide women with every tool required to protect themselves from an illness that might not be treatable in the long run. Along with tools to help promote safe sex; Planned Parenthood also is a place where women can go to get emotional support concerning sexuality, body image, relationships and pregnancies. (Women’s
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