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Everything that we eat ultimately comes from plants. Leaves and stems provide celery, lettuce, and silverbeet, while roots provide potatoes, carrots, beetroot, cassava, radish, and parsnip. The reason we have so many different plant varieties is because of something called plant net breeding. Plant breeding has improved higher quality, value, and marketability of crops. The breeding of these new varieties of plants is a big factor in improving income and overall economic development. According to Monsanto, “plant breeding innovations “were discovered” as a solution to a problem”Farmers now, and over 10,000 years ago all understood that they needed plant varieties that specifically adapted to their conditions. They could not make a living off of plants that could not withstand difficult weather conditions. Even though the phrase “to breed plants” is more than not associated with “the involvement of the sexual process in effecting a desired change”, modern plant breeding also can be done by asexually reproducing plants (History and role of plant…show more content… tells us step by step exactly what to look for when doing this. Step 1, is to find and identify the sexual organs in the flowers. Step two is to determine if the plant has perfect or imperfect flowers. Thirdly, you have to choose a healthy and sturdy plant. The fourth step is to snip off the stamen from the seed parent with scissors if the flowers are perfect. Cover the seed parents loosely with plastic bags to protect against early pollination. The fifth step is to pluck out the stamomens from a pollen parent, remove the bag from a seed parent, grasp the stamen and use the stamen tip as a brush to pass pollen to the seed. Replace the bag on the seed parent, mark the bag. Lastly, you will provide the plant with irrigation and ideal conditions for whatever plant you

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