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Plantar Fasciitis Overview The plantar fascia is a band of much like a tendon tissue that starts at the heel and goes through the entire sole of the foot, clinging to the base of the finger bones. The plantar fascia form a sort of buffer and has the function to support the foot, incurvandolo. If the band is too short, the arc is more pronounced, while, if it is too long, the arc is low, and therefore it has the so-called flat foot. The plantar fascia, in the heel, is covered by a fat pad which helps to absorb shocks that occur when walking. The heel pain can be caused by injury to the plantar fascia. Causes of plantar fasciitis Plantar fasciitis can arise due to many factors, often combined; flat feet or cables, inappropriate shoes (too…show more content…
Plantar fasciitis affects patients with greater frequency between 40 and 60 years. Sex . Plantar fasciitis affects mostly women. Diabetes , flat feet or excessively arched foot. Certain types of exercise . The activities that much stress your heel and adjacent tissues, such as endurance running, dancing or aerobics, can help premature onset of plantar fasciitis. Also start doing much physical activity suddenly, without due training, it can cause plantar fasciitis. Wrong foot mechanics . The flat foot, the foot too arched or certain posture problems may adversely affect the weight distribution when you are standing and stress than normal plantar fascia. Obesity . The extra pounds can put stress than normal plantar fascia. Stand too upright because of work. Those who work in the factory, teachers and all those who spend standing or walking on hard surfaces most hours of work may suffer from problems to the plantar fascia. Inappropriate shoes . Avoid too loose shoes, with soles too thin; those without proper arch support and without flexible padding to absorb shocks. If you wear high heels often, the Achilles tendon (the band of tissue attached to the heel) can contract and shorten, causing trouble to nearby tissues in the

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