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Plate tectonics, the cause of many, many natural disasters and landforms. The shifting of tectonic plates can cause earthquakes, mountains, volcanoes, mid-oceanic ridges, and oceanic trenches, depending on the direction the plates move. Though it seems they have such a large effect on Earth itself, the most affected thing being Earth’s organisms. These organisms have evolved to be able to live in these conditions, be it on top of mountains or deep below the surface of the ocean. These creatures, over hundreds of thousands of years, are able to change their DNA to adapt to their environment, which is an incredible thought. However, on Earth, the land is always changing, and everything will soon evolve once more to be fit in their habitats.
Two hundred million years ago, there was a large supercontinent called Pangea, a strange formation of all seven continents that exist today. Pangea was the largest landform ever to exist on this planet, but was pushed apart by plate tectonics. Earthquakes and waves pushed the supercontinent apart, showing how strong that tectonic plates can be. Although the oldest human fossil could be up to one million years old, scientists are still unaware
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As previously mentioned, the organisms on these landforms evolve to live in these new environments with success, and to reproduce and form a new generation. The landform shifting can also cause earthquakes, which further shift the land and cause the organisms to evolve further. The earthquakes can also cause mudslides and tsunamis, which can destroy or cover any human-made structures and buildings. The destruction of these human-made structures and buildings an also cause devastating effects to the landmasses on Earth, with the death of organisms being a common factor. As a result, many creatures have gone extinct or have become endangered from the deadly destruction of a

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