Essay On Plateau People

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The plateau people were great hunters. There were many animals in the plateau region so hunting was a very important part of this community. There were many Deer and Caribou in the area they lived in, so they were the most hunted animals in the region. All the men in the plateau were expected to hunt but the men who were very skilled in hunting were the professionals. These professionals hunted animals like bears and goats. The others animals they hunted were the coyote, raccoon, porcupine, weasel, beaver, marmot, and hare. The plateau people were great fisherman. The most important type of fish and food for the people of plateau was the salmon. During the end of fall, the salmon came to lay eggs in rivers. They caught large amounts of salmon…show more content…
Native people were the ones living in the pit houses. The Rafters built up over the pit. The Pit house was a home built partly underground and it was good against the climate and was strong against the cold weather. The Social Organization had two big Societies the Plateau Society and the Ktunaxa Society and the Plateau Society didn’t have any classes and had only one leader or several leaders. The Ktunaxa Society had their decisions made by the elders because they were considered wiser and more experienced than the others. Plateau people believed that their antecedents were mystical beings that could transform into animals like fish, wolf, coyote, rocks and mountain. The Myth was that “Coyote” was brought salmon up the river every spring and fall, and for transformed people into their present day form. The consequential religious bellwethers in Plateau culture were called “Shamans”. They believed vigorously that there were spirits inhabiting all living and non-living things. Some spirits were good and some spirits were lamentable. These Bellwethers had special powers to rejuvenate sick people, presage the future and control the hunt. They could additionally communicate with the spirit world with their special
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