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Platelet play a major role in hemostasis together with intact clotting factors , so the patients with impaired hematopoiesis and with variety of disorder in platelets numbers and function has to provided life - saving supportive therapy as platelets transfusion .one of the duty as medical laboratory is to make the platelet available to patients by two different method as this topic will cover it ,one called apheresis (plateletpheresis) and the other is isolation of the platelet from a unit of donated blood , both platelet apheresis and WBD platelets are considered platelet product .

Methods and materials

Plateletpheresis (single donor) : Apheresis is a Greek word mean (to carry away ) plateletpheresis
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While advantages of plateletpheresis : are exposure to single donor rather than multiple , so it can easily doing tests for donor and recipient such as HLA type and blood typing . and because platelets separated automatically during donation and usually transfused on same day ,platelets last longer and thus less platelets need to be given to the patient. also repeat the procedure after 72 hour if possible ,and decrease the chance of allo immunization and transfusion transmitted disease .while the disadvantage is , For a unit of apheresis Platelets hospitals paid an average of $535.15 (Bi, 2011)because plateletpheresis is expansive as it involves using a very skillful machine .and time consuming about 2 hours. (KWleong)
Bothe pooled platelets and plateletpheresis contain WBC that may cause febrile non hemolytic transfusion reaction and other problems , so leukocyte are reduced before(as filter in Apheresis ) or after storage but not at bedside , to reduce the problems that may lead to platelets

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