What Does Playing God Mean

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The bible tells us the reason why human becomes mortal in chapter 3 of Genesis. As a result of the disobedience of Adam and Eve at the garden of Eden, instead of having everlasting life, human becomes mortal. It becomes inevitably that we will age and died. However, despite all living cells have mechanism of replication, regeneration and repair, inevitably we all age and we all die. The aging process seems to be unstoppable and it causes the repair and renewal process of cells to malfunction and eventually leading to decay and death. The fear of death and decline of human bodies for centuries drives human beings to progress in medical and science with the aim to prolonged life and delay the decline of human physical body. In fact, different…show more content…
We can view this in three different yet overlapping aspects. The first one is learning God’s creative secrets. In genetics, knowing or decoding the secrets of God’s creation and thus knowing how creatures are being created. The ‘mystery’ of life is being revealed. As thus, ‘we’ acquire ‘power’ like God. However, does this mean that we have to oppose genetic research? Does knowing the DNA coding mean that we will be like our creator God? The simple answer is ‘No”. The second meaning of playing God is one controlling the life and death. People sometimes say that doctors do play like God as they seem control the life and death of the patient. Is that true? It is true that it is the role of doctors or surgeons to look after the patients and ‘rescue’ the sick patients from their illness or even impending death. The use of genetic therapy to replace the default gene or may even remove them from the germ line apparently can eradicate the illness from occurring. I always believe that being doctors, we are not playing God but we are just being used by God as the tool to help alleviate the suffering of patients. We can be very successful in some cases but we also face situations that we can do nothing about. The third meaning of ‘playing God’ is the use of our technology and science to alter life and influence human evolution. As scientist, we try to play God but altering the nature and how human nature will
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