Poison And Daggers: A Deathly Love

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Poison and Daggers; A Deathly Love Which people should take the responsibility for the tragic deaths of the “star-crossed lovers”? Almost everyone in this tale has either played a little or a major part in their demise, but there are a few people that have a greater role in the fate of Romeo and Juliet. The bulk of the blame is pushed onto Romeo and Juliet themselves, as well as Friar Laurence. The first person that takes some of the burden for the deaths is Romeo because of his rashness to fall in love and his impatience. His first fault was going to the party to see Rosaline, which was where he meet Juliet. If Romeo had kept loving Rosaline then none of this would have ever happened; his quick love shift caused the two’s…show more content…
The first poor plan that the Friar partook in was marrying Romeo and Juliet. If he did not marry them, then all the tragedies could have been avoided. Marriage creates a strong bond between two people that is almost unbreakable. The second fault that he made was when he created the risky plan to fake Juliet’s death. This strategy would have let Romeo come and sweep her out of death and take them into a new life together. This was a terrible arrangement since the Friar was not completely sure if the potion would put her in a short death-like coma or kill her. The third reason he takes some blame is because he did not get the message containing the layout of the plan to fake Juliet’s death. The Friar should have delivered the course of action or told Romeo in person earlier, before Juliet drank the potion. The fourth and final accusation is that the Friar did not stay in the tomb when Juliet was mourning Romeo’s death. He should have known that Juliet was going to try and kill herself, because she tried to take the last of the poison the Apothecary gave to Romeo while he was still in the room. Friar Laurence plays a major role in their deaths since he is a priest, they trusted him, and looked to him for advice and
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